WT10X Firmware Version 11

This firmware package adds support for improving vehicle configuration, SFM7000 functionality, and BSM Drive Enhanced protocol updates. Also included are various improvements and bug fixes.

  • Utilize ECM automatic configuration system:
    • This new feature allows the WT10X to read the VIN directly from Fleet Center, determine the proper configuration based off the VIN, and then configure the appropriate vehicle parameters itself. It will push the update to the device through the MDM system.
    • The WT10X must be properly configured for only the protocol type (no longer need specific vehicle type) in order to read and report data correctly. This simplifies the install process.
    • The correct configuration may differ based on several factors (light or heavy duty, make/model/year), and manually setting the configuration is error-prone.
  • SFM7000 functionality:
    • A new service has been added to the WT10X that allows it to report directly to Sentinel servers.
    • Approximately 90% of Sentinel FM protocol reports are currently supported.
  • ELD enhanced protocol:
    • Driver login information can now be shared between the driver and the BSM ELD-compliant mobile application.
    • This change will allow for Fleet Center reports to work with the BSM ELD solution.

  • TCP client updates for improved DC/ELD over Wi-Fi connection. Improves Wi-Fi connection stability.
  • Added virtual input to indicate seatbelt usage when configured on certain vehicles.
  • Added diagnostic feature to report the data usage per session. It is sent as a final record before the WT10X goes to sleep. It is to be used by BSM to assist in any data usage investigations.
  • ECM improvements related to processing ECM parameters with multiple source IDs.
  • Expanded URL IP whitelist for MDT3600 functionality.
  • Adds ability to create server-based HID card authorization for Fleet Center customers. The WT10X now checks whether the swiped HID card exists in Fleet Center before authorization. Once swiped and authenticated, it is stored in the local device cache.
  • Bug fix related to incorrect temperature values being reported for vehicles with 2+ zone temperature probes.