Winter Operations Report (Trip Based)

Winter Operations Reports capture vehicle, material, and equipment usage data, including the amount of time and distance a plow has operated throughout the day. The information can be used to confirm billing for contractual services, as well as for liability purposes as proof that roads were properly maintained after a weather-related event.

This report is organized by vehicle trips. If you need the information organized by date, use the Day Based Winter Operations Report.

Data Retention: Advanced Reports (including Winter Operations) and Queries can access up to 15 months of historical data. If you require access to information older than 15 months, please contact your Account Representative.

  • This report needs to be enabled on your system. If the Trip Based Winter Operations Report does not appear in the Advanced Reporting pane, please contact the Webtech Wireless Support team.
  • Landmarks must be created to specify trip start and end points.
  • Plow and wing sensors must be purchased and installed.
  • WFC needs connectivity to a supported controller: for more information, please contact the Webtech Wireless Sales team.

To generate a Winter Operations report:

First, define report parameters in the Time & Resources pane:

  1. Select a time period for capturing winter operations data.
  2. Select winter vehicles. Only the selected vehicles are included in the report.

Then, click Trip Based under Winter Operations in the Advanced Reporting pane.

For each selected winter vehicle, the Trip Based Summary view displays totals calculated over the reporting period.

A   Click the +/- symbol in the Date/Vehicle column to show/hide daily results by vehicle.

B   Click a vehicle name to see detailed trip information about the vehicle’s winter operation activities.

C   Alternatively, click a date to see winter operations trip detail for a specific day.

D   Click the +/- sign beside the Time heading to show/hide extra spreading and plowing information.

E   Click the +/- sign beside the Distance heading to show/hide extra spreading and plowing information.

FClick the Detail tab to display daily activity by vehicle, including additional time, distance, and spreader details
(for more information, see Detail View: Column Definitions, below).

Detail View: Column Definitions

Start time          When the vehicle began moving

End Time           When the vehicle stopped moving

Salt                                  Total salt used

Sand                                Total sand used

Mix                                  Total mix used

Prewet                            Total prewet material used

Anti-ice                           Total anti-ice used

Spread                             Total spreading time in hours (controller status must be “On”, and material must be spread).

Plow                                 Total time vehicle had any plow and/or wing down.

Dead Head                      Total time vehicle was active and not plowing or spreading material.

Travel                               Total amount of time vehicle traveled (speed greater than 0, including stops of less than 2 minutes).

Idle                                    Amount of time the vehicle did not move (speed equal to 0 for more than 2 minutes).

Total                                  Total time the ignition was on.

Spread                             Total spreading distance (while applying any material).

Plow                                 Total distance with any plows down.

Dead Head                      Total distance vehicle moved without spreading or plowing: a controller in pause or turned off will accumulate Dead Head distance.

Total                                 Total distance the vehicle traveled.

Average Solid Rate               Only records transmitted while spreading solid material are considered.

Average Prewet Rate           Only records transmitted while spreading prewet are considered.

Average Anti-ice Rate          Only records transmitted while spreading anti-ice are considered.