WFC v2.4

Webtech Fleet Center v2.4 was released on February 1, 2016. This release includes improved access to real-time vehicle data feeds from the WFC map and via the Webtech Connector Software Development Kit, as well as user interface and system performance enhancements.

Features available to all customers:


Manage fleet activities and driver communications based on a clear understanding of vehicle paths and direction of travel on the WFC map.

Data points (Breadcrumbs) on the WFC map now appear as arrows to clearly indicate direction. When a vehicle is not moving, a diamond (no directional) is shown.


Administer which drivers can use a Web interface to edit Driver Logs remotely, allowing more flexible entry of shift start/end times and HOS Duty Status changes, without needing to be in the vehicle.

The WFC Driver Administration tab provides User Profile settings for both Editable and Read Only access to the Hours of Service Web Interface.

Features available upon request:


Gain full insight into vehicle activity for liability claim investigation, accident analysis, or driver behaviour assessment. Dynamic data streamed from the vehicle appears on the map in real-time, visual context.

For live or reconstructed historical events (playback), the Vehicle Data Display continuously updates status details as the vehicle icon moves between points on the WFC map. Available AVL data includes position, speed, and the status of sensors and outputs (including winter operations equipment), where available.


Access vehicle data feeds to support safety reviews, accident reconstruction, maintenance planning, and integration with other business systems for further processing.

Use the Webtech Connector Software Development Kit to retrieve a 7-day feed of vehicle location and speed details (optionally including telemetry and winter operations data) for one or all vehicles.