WFC v2.3

Webtech Fleet Center v2.3 was released on December 14, 2015. This release includes immediate notification for critical safety, security, and fleet equipment issues, an enhanced workflow for displaying historical queries and accessing operational data, and upgrades to system performance.

Features available to all customers:


Quickly and easily see where selected vehicles traveled, and view a snap shot of operational details from a particular time/location. 

The Search Vehicle History (Query) tool now automatically plots colored dots (Breadcrumbs) on the map showing the path traveled by selected vehicles.

Hover the mouse over a Breadcrumb to display the exact time the data was sent, vehicle speed, direction, status of sensors and outputs, and more.


Keep your people safe and secure, and prevent damage to fleet assets. Know immediately when drivers activate alarms, or critical operational and equipment status changes occur

Have the information you need to take action. 

Know immediately when drivers activate alarms or critical operational and equipment status changes occur, and have the information you need to take action.

Define safety, security, or operational events to treat as the highest priority: for example, panic alarms, refrigeration unit failures, or specific doors opening. When the monitored system is triggered from a vehicle, Webtech Fleet Center displays a Critical Alert notice and generates a warning sound. Click one button to view the current vehicle location and status details on the map.


This capability relies on Telemetry, an optional hardware-based feature; for more information, please contact the Webtech Wireless Sales team.

Features available upon request:

There are no features upon request in this release