Time and Resources Pane

Almost everything in WFC is based on a set of vehicles and a particular time period. You control these settings with the Time & Resources pane, located at the top left of the WFC window.

Time & Resource settings determine what you see on the map and in reports, as well as how and when various actions are applied in WFC.


Time & Resources settings persist across WFC operations.

For example, the same vehicles selected to view on the map also appear in reports. This saves time and effort when working with a set of vehicles or a particular time period: you don’t need to re-select resources each time you do something new.


If you intend to always start work in WFC with a particular set of vehicles or reporting period, you can set default values; for more information see Preferences > Login Preferences.

Setting Time

To define a period for reports, analysis tools, and other WFC features:

  1. In the Time & Resources pane, click the Time Range tab and select a period from the drop-down menu.
  2. Choose a preset (such as Today) to automatically fill in the Start and End dates, or select Manual date entry, use the calendar buttons, and choose hours and minutes (based on 24-hour clock).
  3. Ensure the Time Zone is set correctly for your location.

Selecting Vehicles

To define the vehicles you see on the map, in reports, and in other WFC features:

In the Time & Resources pane:

1 – Click the Vehicles tab. A resource selection pane appears.

2 – Select vehicles by one of the following methods:

a) Use Select all vehicles to choose the whole fleet.

or –

b) Click the Vehicles or the Groups button to select vehicle(s) or a group. Hold down CTRL to select multiple vehicles.

or –

c) Enter all or part of the vehicle name in the Search field and click map T&R search icon. Vehicle names containing your search criteria are displayed. If you want to clear search results and return to the original list, click Cancel.

3 – When you have selected all the vehicles you need,
click adm green plus select. The selected vehicle names are displayed in the top of the Time & Resources pane. If you want to remove vehicles from the list, select them and click adm green minus deselect. The map T&R remove selection button button button removes your entire selection.