Telemetry Events Report

Use this report to monitor safety exceptions and equipment status (for example, a vehicle door opens or a refrigeration system goes down) and track human-triggered events such as panic alarms or pothole reports. It provides the time and location (including Landmarks) where selected telemetry events were triggered from your vehicles, giving a detailed chronological record of telemetry activity.

Data Retention: Advanced Reports and Queries (including Telemetry Events) can access up to 15 months of historical data. If you want to work with information older than 15 months, please contact your Webtech Account Representative.


This is a hardware-based report, and must be enabled on your system. Please contact your Account Representative for more information.

Telemetry Setup

The Telemetry Events Report includes only vehicles with at least one assigned telemetry input – for example a truck with a panic button installed where WFC is configured to monitor the alarm. If your organization uses telemetry, you may already have vehicles set up for this report. For more information, please contact the Webtech Support team.

To generate a Telemetry Events report:

First, define report parameters in the Time & Resources pane:

  1. Select a time period for capturing telemetry events.
  2. Select vehicles or vehicle groups you want to monitor. Only vehicles with at least one assigned telemetry input are included in the report. For more information, contact the Webtech Support team.

Then, in the Main Menu, click Advanced Reporting–>Telemetry Operations–>Event Based.

The report appears in the Event Based window:


If Telemetry Operations–>Event Based does not appear in the Advanced Reporting pane, please contact your Webtech Wireless Account Representative.

Column Definitions

Date & Time

Date and time the telemetry event occurred

Vehicle Location

Physical address where the telemetry event occurred


Name of the vehicle that triggered the activity


The Telemetry Input Status that was triggered


Landmark name (if the event was recorded at a WFC Landmark location)

To sort on a column:

Click the up or down arrow in the column heading.

To filter the report on specific Telemetry Input events:

  1. In the report header, use the Select Telemetry Inputspull-down menu to choose telemetry input status values.
  2. Click View Reportat the top-right corner of the report header.

The report updates to include only events for the selected inputs.