WFC 2.4

This release includes improved access to real-time vehicle data feeds from the WFC map and via the Webtech Connector Software Development Kit, as well as user interface and system performance enhancements.

WFC 2.3

This release includes immediate notification for critical safety, security, and fleet equipment issues, an enhanced workflow for displaying historical queries and accessing operational data, and upgrades to system performance.

WFC 2.0

This release includes Advanced Report scheduling, the Webtech Connector SDK (Software Development Kit), controller alerts, and various user interface enhancements.

Alerts Dashboard

The Alerts Dashboard summarizes Alerts triggered within the last 48 hours. It's a great way to monitor, manage, and acknowledge fleet exceptions.

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Equipment and Driver-triggered (Telemetry) Alerts

Equipment and driver-triggered alerts apply to vehicle subsystem status changes such as a door opening, plow arm going up, or a reefer failing, as well as switches like panic alarms or pothole reports.

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Movement Alerts

Movement Alerts trigger notifications based on vehicle speeding, idling, or stop times.


Use alerts to monitor various fleet conditions. Alerts can also be configured to send an email when triggered.