Vehicle Stop History Tool

The Vehicle Stop History tool reconstructs where a particular vehicle stopped. The location of each stop is displayed as a map icon, and the data grid below lists arrival, departure, timing, distance, and address details, including whether a stop was at a predefined Landmark.

To display a vehicle’s stop history:

  1. Select a time period for the stops you want to report on from the Time & Resources pane.
  2. Find a vehicle of interest on the map and mouse over its vehicle icon.
  3. In the Vehicle Balloon that appears, click the Stop History tool:

A Numbered map icons sequentially plot the vehicle’s stops. Click a stop icon to view details for that stop. A red icon represents a stop at a Landmark.

B Each row in the Vehicle Stop History grid provides data for one stop. For details, see “Column Definitions”, below.

C Click Download List if you want to save Vehicle Stop History data in an Excel spreadsheet.


To remove Stop icons from the map and return the data grid to Vehicle Status display:

Click the “X” on the right side of the Vehicle Stop History pane to close it.

Column Definitions

Stop #

Numbered stop event: where the vehicle remained stationary for more than 2 minutes. Stop #1 is the first instance.

Trip Time

Stop Duration plus Travel Time (time spent at this stop, including driving time from the previous stop).


Vehicle Name being reported.

Travel Time

Driving time between departure from the previous stop and arrival at this stop.


Landmark name if stop was a Landmark (otherwise <blank>).

Idle Time

Time ignition was on (for more than 2 minutes) while at this stop.

Stop Begins

Time of vehicle arrival at this stop.

Total Distance

Distance driven from previous stop to this stop.

Stop Ends

Time of vehicle departure from this stop.

Vehicle Location

Physical stop address.

Stop Duration

Amount of time spent at this stop.