Stop History Report

For customers provisioned with our public works solution, this report provides the location and timing of vehicle stops and periods of idling, as well as the duration of travel and distance between stops. You can format and download the information to match your record-keeping needs. This report is useful for both managing fleet behavior and monitoring adherence to policies and service level agreements.

Data Retention: This Advanced Report can access up to 15 months of historical data. If you require access to information older than 15 months, please contact your Account Representative.

To generate a Stop History report:

First, define report parameters in the Time & Resources pane:

  1. Select a time period for the vehicle stops you are interested in.
  2. Select the vehicle(s) or vehicle groups that you want to monitor. Only the selected vehicles or groups are included in the report.

Then, in the Main Menu, select Advanced Reporting–>Fleet Operation–>Stop History.

Once data has been processed, the Summary view displays aggregated information for all stops made in the reporting period:

To report data for individual stops

In Summary view:

  • Click Detail for detailed stop data on all selected vehicles
  • Click a vehicle name for detailed stop data on that vehicle only

The report switches to Detail view.

 Column Definitions (Summary)


Vehicle name

Number of Stops

Total number of stops made by the vehicle in the reporting period

Stop Duration

Total time the vehicle was stationary (stopped) during the reporting period (all stops)

Idle Duration

Total time ignition was on while the vehicle remained stationary during the reporting period

Travel Duration

Total driving time for the vehicle during the reporting period

Travel Distance

Total distance the vehicle traveled in the reporting period

Trip Duration

Travel Duration + Stop Duration

 Column Definitions (Detail)


Vehicle name

Stop #

Sequence number of a stop that happened during the reporting period (e.g. Stop #1 is the first stop during the reporting period)

Beginning of Stop

Time the vehicle arrived at this stop/stopped traveling

Stop Duration

Time spent at this stop

Idle Duration

Time ignition was on while the vehicle remained at this stop

Stop Location

Street address where the stop took place

Stop at Landmark

Landmark name (if the stop was not at a Landmark, this is blank)

Beginning of Travel

Time the vehicle departed from this stop

Travel Duration

Driving time between this stop and the next stop

Travel Distance

Driving distance between this stop and the next stop

Trip Duration

Travel Duration + Stop Duration

To control the columns displayed:

  1. In the report header, click the Display Columns pull-down menu.
  2. Click checkboxes beside data items to toggle selections on or off. Only selected items will appear in the report.
  3. In the top-right corner of the report header, click View Report.

The report updates to display selected columns.


To sort on a column:

Click the up or down arrow in the column heading.

To download report data or a formatted copy of the report:

In the report header, click the Export icon and choose a format (PDF, MHTML, Excel, or TIFF file). A download file is created, based on the currently-displayed columns – your browser will alert you when it is ready.