State/Province Mileage Report

For customers provisioned with our long haul trucking and heavy duty construction solutions who operate across state or provincial boundaries, this report provides the distance traveled and time spent within each jurisdiction, by state/province and by vehicle. 

The State/Province Mileage report is a useful reference for accounting and reconciliation purposes. While every effort is made to ensure the data is as accurate as possible, actual mileage and timing may vary.

Data Retention: This Advanced Report can access up to 15 months of historical data. If you require access to information older than 15 months, please contact your Account Representative.


This report must be enabled on your system. If State/Province Mileage does not appear under Fleet Operation in the Advanced Reporting pane, please contact the Webtech Wireless Support team.

To generate the report:

First, define report parameters in the Time & Resources pane:

  1. Select a time period for capturing state/province data.
  2. Select vehicles or vehicle groups you want to monitor. Only the selected vehicles are included in the report.

Then, in the Main Menu, click Advanced Reporting–>Fleet Operation–>State/Province Mileage.

Once data has been processed, information aggregated by state/province appears in Summary view:

Column Definitions (Summary)

State/Province – abbreviation for a jurisdiction where selected vehicles were active during the reporting period

Distance – distance traveled in the state/province by all selected vehicles during the reporting period

Duration – total amount of time spent in the state/province by all selected vehicles during the reporting period

To view data by vehicle, click Detail:

Column Definitions (Detail)

State/Province – abbreviation for a jurisdiction where the vehicle was active during the reporting period

Vehicle – vehicle name

Enter Time – when the vehicle crossed into the state/province

Exit Time – when the vehicle left the state/province

Distance – distance the vehicle traveled in the state/province during the reporting period

Duration – – total amount of time the vehicle spent in the state/province during the reporting period


To view details for a specific jurisdiction, click its abbreviation in the State/Province column.


Based on your reporting period, Enter Time and/or Exit Time may be blank: vehicles already in the jurisdiction at the start of the reporting period will not report Enter Time; vehicles still in the jurisdiction at the end of the reporting period will not report Exit Time.

To filter the report by country or state/province:

In Summary view:

  1. In the report header, use the Country and/or Province/State pull-down menus to select jurisdictions to report on.
  2. Click View Report at the top-right corner of the report header.

The report updates to include only the selected countries, states, and/or provinces.

To sort on a column:

Click the up or down arrow beside a column heading.