SFM 7.2

Sentinel Fleet Management version 7.2 is now available. This release includes additional monitoring tools for generators, support for engine hours from heavy-duty vehicle ECM, and bug fixes.

Features available upon request


We’ve added two monitoring tools for generator units.

The first tool is a low fuel alert, which sends a configurable text message when the fuel in a generator drops below a specified threshold. This feature can read fuel levels from both ECM and analog inputs, which makes it easier for fleet managers to proactively refuel their generators.

The second tool is a configurable alert that helps monitor when a generator has been running in its warm-up idling state for too long. By default, an alert is triggered when a generator has been running below 1000 RPM for over 30 minutes.


Total engine run time (TERT) can now be monitored from the ECM of generators and heavy-duty vehicles. Previously, engine hours were calculated from ignition duration.