SFM 7.03

Sentinel Fleet Management version 7.03 is now available. This release includes a new RPM column on the map screen, HOS log sheet improvements, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Features available to all customers


This feature is intended to improve troubleshooting for our customers using the Sentinel Drive Hours of Service solution.

On the driver log sheets viewable in Sentinel FM, we’ve added the version numbers of Sentinel Drive and the device’s operating system. This can be used by customers and account managers to track down and eliminate issues caused by using mismatched or outdated versions of the Sentinel Drive app, the device OS, or both.

Features available upon request


Easily differentiate between your vehicles and your fixed assets.

You can now display an RPM column on the Map (new) screen. If there is no RPM value, the field is left blank. This is useful for fleet managers that track vehicles as well as fixed assets such as generators or light stands.

In addition to this, we’ve improved the way that generator units are represented. The generator’s status will be displayed as “Running” if it is on, and “Stopped” otherwise. This is in contrast with previous behavior where an active generator could be incorrectly reported as idling due to its speed being zero.