SFM 7.0

Sentinel Fleet Management version 7.0 is now available! This release includes advanced AEMP integration, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Features available to all customers


You can now use the AEMP web service to consume third-party telematics data in Sentinel FM, such as data from vehicles that do not have Sentinel boxes installed.

The AEMP web service provides fleet information in the format of a standardized XML document, which can be leveraged by Sentinel FM to do the following:

  • View asset information in Sentinel FM, including a detailed history status, fuel consumption, engine run time, odometer, and more.
  • Automatically provision third-party assets.
  • Scale well as the number of concurrent users increases.
  • Call the web service at least every 30 seconds. This is configurable.
  • Run concurrent calls per user.
  • Log web services calls for debugging purposes.


Speeding messages in the vehicle history list now include the maximum speed violation. This is mainly intended to improve visibility of the highest speed during the violation.