Creating a Fleet

You can create fleets in the Administration section of Sentinel FM to group your vehicles and assets based on your own criteria. You can use fleets to run specific reports, view the vehicles in a fleet on the map, and more.

Here’s how to create a new fleet:

  1. In the top menu, click Administration > Fleets > Fleet Management.
  2. Note the list of all existing fleets in your organization. You can edit or delete existing fleets here.
  3. To create a new fleet, click Add Fleet near the bottom center of the page.
  1. In the text fields that appear, enter the Fleet Name and an optional Description.
  2. (Optional) If you need to assign a large number of vehicles to the newly created fleet, you can save time by importing vehicles via an Excel spreadsheet. Here’s how:
    1. Open Excel and create a blank spreadsheet.
    2. Name column A BoxID.
    3. Name column B Vehicle.
    4. Populate the fields in column B with your vehicle descriptions. Leave the fields in column A blank.
    5. Save the spreadsheet in the Excel 2003 file format (.xls).
    6. Back in Sentinel FM, click Choose File, navigate to where you saved the spreadsheet, and then select the spreadsheet.
  3. Finally, click Save to create the fleet.