SD 4.6.2 for iOS

Sentinel Drive version 4.6.2 for iOS is now available. This release contains an important bug fix related to driver migration from Sentinel FM to Geotab.


During testing of the BSM driver log migration tool, an issue was detected where the Daylight Saving Time setting would, in some cases, not be preserved when migrating logs. This resulted in driver log entries being duplicated and offset by one hour after migration to Geotab.


  • This issue does not affect the presentation of duty logs in either Sentinel FM or Sentinel Drive.
  • This issue does not affect Sentinel Drive for Android.

This issue has been resolved in version 4.6.2 of the Sentinel Drive app for iOS, which is available for download on the Apple App Store as of Friday, May 17th.

IMPORTANT – Notes for customers migrating from Sentinel to Geotab:

  • This application update is mandatory for any customers who will be using the log migration tool to support their migration to Geotab. This will ensure there are no errors in their historical driver logs when they are published to Geotab.
  • Furthermore, customers must ensure that this application update is performed before turning on streaming of driver logs from Sentinel FM to Geotab. In order to ensure that a full cycle of logs is published to Geotab without any problems (which is important for ELD compliance), they should account for this period of time when planning their migration project.