SD 4.5.2 for iOS

Sentinel Drive version 4.5.2 for iOS is now available. This release includes enhancements to the connectivity indicator and inspection summary, an improved login screen, updated inspection forms for new Quebec regulations, and various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Features available to all customers


Know your device’s GPS connectivity at a glance.

We’ve updated the connectivity indicator at the top right of the HOS screen to also show GPS information. Previously, the indicator only provided information about the device’s Wi-Fi status.

New to Sentinel Drive 4.5.2 for iOS, the indicator will be displayed with a red outline if the device loses its GPS signal.

Note that the indicator’s current functionality is unchanged – the inner dot will appear black if Wi-Fi is enabled but not paired; green if Wi-Fi is enabled and paired; or red if Wi-Fi is disabled.

Here’s an example of the new functionality. The device has Wi-Fi enabled and is correctly paired with the vehicle locator, but does not have a GPS signal:


Keep track of your trailers.

With the addition of trailer-only inspections in the previous release of Sentinel Drive, we’ve added more visibility to the inspection summary, which is the list of recently completed inspections.

Here’s how the summary list appears in 4.5.2:

  • Vehicle-only inspections remain unchanged and have no additional information.
  • Vehicle-and-trailer inspections list the trailer name.
  • Trailer-only inspections are denoted by a blue trailer icon and the trailer name. You can tap these to view, edit, or sign off on defects for the trailer only. Note the trailer icon at the bottom right of the screenshot.

This is intended to make reviewing trailer inspections easier, particularly for drivers that change or inspect multiple trailers a day.


The login screen will display the iOS versions that are compatible with the installed version of Sentinel Drive.

This is meant to reduce issues encountered when updating the device’s OS, updating Sentinel Drive, or both.