SD 4.4 for iOS

Sentinel Drive version 4.4 for iOS is now available! This release includes trailer-only inspection reports, a prompt to review and sign unsigned logs, a new yard mode and improved personal driving mode, additional supported iOS versions, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Features available to all customers


Streamline your inspection workflow.

For drivers that drive the same truck but change trailers frequently, there are now two ways to perform trailer-only inspections without having to re-inspect your vehicle.

You can either tap the new Trailer Pre-Trip or Post-Trip icons to perform a trailer-only inspection, or you can perform a normal pre-trip or post-trip inspection and simply leave the vehicle inspection form blank.

Trailer-only inspections will be indicated as such in the inspection summary list.

Drivers also have the option to add a new trailer to their system on-the-spot by tapping the green + symbol at the top of the inspection form screen. Note that this is an optional feature.


Make sure you remain HOS compliant.

If you have any unsigned logs in the past 7 days for US drivers or 14 days for Canadian drivers, then you will be prompted to review and sign them immediately upon logging in or when logging out. This helps ensure you’re HOS compliant at all time, particularly after weekends, holidays, or vacation.

If you’re logging in the and see the prompt, tap Yes when the prompt appears and you’ll be automatically taken to your unsigned logs. If you’re logging out, then tap the Review logsheets slider and then tap Confirm to go to your unsigned logs.

Once you’re taken to your unsigned logs on the HOS screen, review your log for that day and then tap Sign at the top right. You can switch between unsigned logs by using the left and right arrows near the top center of the screen.

Dialog when logging in

Dialog when logging out


Get more out of your vehicle while remaining HOS compliant.

We’ve added the yard movement mode and improved the personal driving mode.

The new yard mode allows for drivers to operate their vehicles on private property without accruing driving time, such as when dropping off cargo or switching trailers. You can enable and disable yard mode by tapping your current duty status on the HOS screen and selecting your new status from the list.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT YARD MOVEMENT: Yard movement is not automatically disabled when you drive above a certain speed or when you drive a certain distance. You need to either manually disable yard movement or turn your vehicle’s ignition off (which automatically disables yard movement).

We’ve also slightly changed the functionality of the personal driving mode to comply with new Canadian regulations. The personal driving mode, which is enabled and disabled from the current duty status menu, will now be automatically disabled when either of the following happen:

  • The vehicle’s ignition is switched off (for all drivers).
  • For drivers operating under Canadian HOS rules, personal driving will be automatically disabled if they drive more than 75 km. A prompt will appear indicating that they have exceeded their personal driving quota for the day.


Sentinel Drive is now supported on iOS versions 9.3.3 to 9.3.5 and version 10.