SD 4.4.7 for Android

Sentinel Drive version 4.4.7 for Android is now available. This release includes the Yard Mode feature, some changes to help drivers remain HOS compliant, and several bug fixes.

  • The Yard Mode feature has been added.
    • The ability to use this feature is enabled or disabled in Sentinel FM on a per-driver basis.
    • Yard Mode to allows drivers to move their vehicle around a yard without accruing Driving hours.
  • Drivers can no longer edit automatically-recorded log events (from the vehicle ECM). This will help them avoid a common source of HOS violations.
    • Events that cannot be edited are greyed out and denoted by a lock icon.
    • In Sentinel FM, a type indicator has been added that allows supervisors and fleet managers to see which events were generated via ECM and which events were manually entered.
  • MDT system time is now stored in non-volatile memory. This ensures that the MDT will always have the correct date & time, even after MDT power-down or when the SFM7000 goes to sleep.

  • Deleting a record from a signed log will now correctly un-sign that log.
  • Drivers can no longer add or edit duty statuses with a time & date in the future.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple instances of “Personal Use Start” and “Personal Use End” remarks would be recorded.
  • The lock screen is now correctly displayed during/after Personal Use driving legs.
  • Logsheets in Sentinel FM now correctly display start and end odometer readings for Personal Use.
  • Logsheets in Sentinel FM now correctly display driving time, distance, odometer readings, and vehicle information for shifts that start with Personal Use.
  • Fixed a bug related to Canadian 16-hour work-shift violations.