Here’s an archive of our Webtech Release Notes so far…

Fleet Center 3.3 SP27

This Fleet Center update includes several changes and improvements to Group Administration (both for Vehicles and Drivers).

FC WOR Improvements

This Fleet Center release improves the advanced Day/Trip/Route Based Winter Operations Reports.

FC 3.3

Fleet Center 3.3 addresses some Java security issues.

FC 3.2 February & March 2018 Releases

One Service Pack and two Hotfixes were deployed in February and March 2018, including OnCommand integration enhancements and 511 Route Status API performance improvements.

FC 3.2

This release includes a new HOS On-Duty Report, an upgraded Google Maps API, various new vehicle icons, and bug fixes.

FC 3.1

This release includes a disconnect notification for WT4530 units with internal batteries, improvements to mobile Fleet Center, various report improvements, route completion improvements, and bug fixes.

FC 3.0

This release includes support for Parker controllers, enhanced push-to-talk (EPTT) integration, support for the Google Road API for max speed limits, and bug fixes.

FC 2.9

This release includes telemetry-based color-coding of connecting lines, a new Custom Key field, and various bug fixes and performance improvements.

FC 2.8

This release includes full support for Winter Operations telemetry for Controller Alerts, as well as general improvements and bug fixes.

FC 2.7

This release includes improvements to the Posted Speed Limit and Stop History reports, connecting lines for multiple vehicles' breadcrumbs, and several improvements to data integrity, particularly distance data.

FC 2.6

This release includes improvements to the Stop History report, increased support for Winter Operations, and enhanced system performance and stability.

FC 2.5

This release includes UI improvements and improvements to system stability and usability.

WFC 2.4

This release includes improved access to real-time vehicle data feeds from the WFC map and via the Webtech Connector Software Development Kit, as well as user interface and system performance enhancements.

WFC 2.3

This release includes immediate notification for critical safety, security, and fleet equipment issues, an enhanced workflow for displaying historical queries and accessing operational data, and upgrades to system performance.

WFC 2.0

This release includes Advanced Report scheduling, the Webtech Connector SDK (Software Development Kit), controller alerts, and various user interface enhancements.

WFC 1.10

This release includes enhanced historical analysis tools, visual notification for equipment and safety alerts, and a new report to track vehicles by route.

DC 5.18

This release includes a new connectivity indicator and various bug fixes.

DC 5.17

This release includes: improvements to various driver workflows; new options for automatic driver logout; the ability to upload error logs via cellular connection; and bug fixes.

DC 5.16

This release includes enhancements to messaging and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity, driver log improvements, a trailer confirmation, and bug fixes.

DC 5.15

This release includes a date & time check when logging in, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

DC 5.14

This release includes improvements related to log synchronization, improved logging, and bug fixes.

DC 5.13.5

This release includes various bug fixes, including a fix that can improve device battery life.

DC 5.13

This release includes a new 30-minute break countdown timer, support for 30-minute rest break exemptions, the ability to set the default on-duty selection when drivers log into Driver Center, and various bug fixes.

DC 5.11

This release includes an optional driver login process using a key fob or HID card reader and instant email alerts when drivers commit HOS infractions.

WDC 5.8

This release includes support for short haul rules as well as improvements to system stability and usability.

WDC 5.6

This release includes automatic vehicle identification in driver logs, inspection lists that comply to Canadian regulations, and improvements to system stability and usability.

WDC 5.5

This release includes an optional electronic driver signature, as well as improvements to system stability and usability.

WDC 5.4

This release includes a fully electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (eDVIR), a real-time GPS connection status monitor, and ways to ensure compliance in the event of any GPS connection losses.

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