Here’s an archive of our Firmware Release Notes so far…

WT10X Firmware Version 11

This firmware package adds support for improving vehicle configuration, SFM7000 functionality, and BSM Drive Enhanced protocol updates. Also included are various improvements and bug fixes.

WT10X Firmware Version 9

This firmware update includes GPS-related improvements, an increase to the on-board recording time, and bug fixes. In addition, the WT10X can now modify the system time of MDTs.

WT10X Firmware Version 8

This firmware update includes support for seamless network switching, support for additional spreaders, fixes related to dashboard lights, data quality improvements, and general bug fixes.

WT10X Firmware Version 7

This firmware update includes phone support, support for the OBDII Gateway, temperature sensor support, a new Wi-Fi Direct feature, support for additional spreaders, and bug fixes.

SFM Firmware Package 0118

This firmware update includes added support for BSM's ELD-compliant solution, total vehicle distance (TVD) and total engine run-time (TERT) improvements, and bug fixes. In addition, we have developed a new, much quicker method of updating firmware over-the-air.

SFM Firmware Package 0517

This firmware update includes support for power take-off & high-resolution odometers, a feature that reduces the frequency of false positive alerts, and bug fixes.

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