Map Display Options

You can show or hide map components at any time, as well as set when the map and data grid are refreshed with the most recent information received from your vehicles and assets.

A Click Options at the top-right of the map to pull down a menu of WFC mapping preferences. When you’re done, click Options again to close the menu.

B Click an option name to toggle it on or off. Green check marks show which options are enabled.

C The map auto refresh.icon icon above the top-left corner of the map highlights in gold when Auto Refresh is enabled. This option updates the map at regular intervals with the latest information from the WFC server.

The refresh interval and number of refreshes WFC performs before disabling Auto Refresh can be changed. For more information, contact your Webtech Account Representative. 

Tools that require the map and data to remain static disable Auto Refresh automatically. These tools include the Landmark Manager, Geofence Manager, Geo Filter, Search Vehicle History, Find Nearest Vehicle, and Route Completion. To refresh the map manually, click Refresh in the Map Toolbar.

D The Map Toolbar option shows/hides WFC mapping tools and commands.

E The Vehicle Status option controls display of the Vehicle Status pane at the bottom of the map.

F When selected, the Vehicle Balloon option opens a settings panel for customizing the contents of vehicle balloons.

G Enable Breadcrumb Trails to plot dots (Breadcrumbs) on the map showing the paths your vehicles take as they travel.