Fleet Activity Summary

This report provides an overview of trips by vehicle, including distances, timing, stops, and last known location. Monitoring and analyzing these statistics can help maximize fleet effectiveness, identify problem areas, and increase efficiency.

Data Retention: Advanced Reports (including the Fleet Activity Summary) and Queries can access up to 15 months of historical data. If you require access to information older than 15 months, please contact your Account Representative.


  • This report must be enabled on your system. If Fleet Activity Summary does not appear under Fleet Operations in the Advanced Reporting pane, please contact your Webtech Wireless Account Representative.
  • No additional accessories or configuration required.

To generate the report:

First, define report parameters in the Time & Resources pane:

  1. Select a time period for capturing fleet activity.
  2. Select vehicles. Only trips taken by the selected vehicles are included in the report.

Then, click Fleet Activity under Fleet Operations in the Advanced Reporting pane.


Column Definitions

Travel Time

Aggregated time: vehicle in motion, or stopped for less than 2 minutes.
“No Activity” indicates records were not received from the vehicle during the reporting period.

Stop Duration

Aggregated time: vehicle stationary (ignition on or off) for more than 2 minutes.

Count of Stops

Number of times, after coming to a stop, the vehicle remained stationary for more than 2 minutes.

Idle Time

Aggregated time: vehicle stationary (ignition on) for more than 2 minutes.

Count of Landmarks Visited

Number of visits to unique Landmarks.

Net Idle Time

Idle Time as a percentage of Travel 
Net Idle Time = Idle Time/(Travel Time + Idle Time) – i.e. idle time as a percentage of total reported trip time..

Toolbar Menus

To control report output:


Click the down arrow, then select/deselect items you wish to show/hide.


Select an option to display

All Activity

All selected vehicles

Active Only

Vehicles transmitting records during the selected time period.

Inactive Only

Vehicles with no GPS movement during the reporting period.

Note: Vehicles with no records in the reporting period will not be displayed.

View Report

To regenerate the Fleet Activity Summary after making changes with the Toolbar menus:

Click View Report.