FC 3.2 – February & March 2018 Releases

One Service Pack and two Hotfixes were deployed in February and March 2018, adding OnCommand integration enhancements and 511 Route Status API performance improvements.


For customers integrated with the OnCommand API, we’ve added the following capabilities:

  • Results can now be filtered by either group ID or engine type. Previously, only the customer’s entire fleet data could be retrieved.
  • Engine hours for heavy-duty vehicles can now be retrieved.
  • Vehicle status (including odometer, speed, and location) is now fetched from GpsReadings.
    • Previously, these values were fetched from ODB. However, certain vehicles (such as winter operations vehicles) stored these values in the RDB instead, which could result in data inaccuracies.
    • Because of this change, vehicle information should be more accurate, particularly odometer and location.
    • This change has the added benefit of reducing query load.


We’ve made various tweaks to improve the performance of the 511 Route Status API. In particular, customers with large amounts of route segments should see a noticeable improvement of API response times.