Equipment and Driver-triggered (Telemetry) Alerts

Equipment and driver-triggered alerts apply to vehicle subsystem status changes such as a door opening, plow arm going up, or a reefer failing, as well as switches like panic alarms or pothole reports. You can set up instant notification for monitored events or actions that occur in tagged Vehicle Groups.

To monitor alerts triggered within the last 48 hours, check the Alerts Dashboard. If you need notifications based on vehicle speeding, idling, or stop times, use Movement Alerts.


  • Appropriate sensors or switches must be purchased and installed.

For more information, contact the Webtech Wireless Support team.


These alerts apply to Vehicle Groups, and rely on telemetry, an optional hardware-based feature usually configured during the installation process. Sensors in the vehicle send status information to Webtech Fleet Center through a Telemetry Input. Within each monitored Group, all vehicles must have the same telemetry setup (input assignment/naming and status naming must match), or the alerts will not function correctly.

Working with Equipment or Driver-triggered Alerts

Named alerts define the actions or equipment status you want to monitor and the associated email addresses for notification.

To create, modify, or delete an alert:

1. From the Main Menu, select Administration–>Alert Administration.

2. In the Alert Administration window, select the Telemetry Alert Builder tab:

A Select a Vehicle Group – vehicles in this Group will be monitored for the alert condition.

B Select a Telemetry Input to monitor: its status condition will trigger your alert. For example, “Main Power Disconnected” monitors main power, and the alert is triggered by a disconnect.

C Enter a Name for the alert.

D If you want the alert to trigger Email Notification, select the check box and enter recipient Email Addresses.

E Click Add.


You can only monitor one telemetry input per alert. In this example, if you also needed to trigger notification when main power is connected, you would create a separate alert to monitor the “Main Power Connected” input.

Ensure the name includes the system being monitored and the trigger, as defined by the selected Telemetry Input.


You can create and assign more than one alert to a Vehicle Group.

If you do not see the Vehicle Group you need, it may not have been set up. Please contact your Webtech Fleet Center Administrator, or the Webtech Wireless Customer Support team.

The new alert name appears in the list of existing alerts on the left side of the Telemetry Alert Builder.

  • To create an alert from scratch, click Clear.
  • To change an existing alert, select it from the list on the left side of the Telemetry Alert Builder, make your changes, then click Modify.
  • To remove the selected alert, click Delete.