Landmarks are a great way to track fleet arrivals and departures from customer sites as well as verify how much time was spent at each site.

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Information Column Selector

To choose the information you want to see and the order in which it's displayed, click the Select Columns icon in the grid toolbar below the WFC map.

Map Types

Select from the available options to customize your map and see more about the terrain or traffic, reduce clutter to make it easier to read or print, determine exactly where buildings are, and so on.

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Time and Resources Pane

Time & Resource settings determine what you see on the map and in reports, as well as how and when various actions are applied in WFC.

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Map Toolbar

The Map Toolbar contains WFC's general set of mapping tools and commands.

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Vehicle Icons and Balloons

Vehicles are displayed on the map as icons. To access your most important vehicle information and analysis tools directly from the map, click a vehicle icon.

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Geofences are user-defined areas of interest that track when vehicles cross their boundaries. Use Geofences to identify equipment yards, customer sites, job sites, depots, etc.

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Map Display Options

You can show or hide map components at any time, as well as set when the map and data grid are refreshed with the most recent information received from your vehicles and assets.

History Tool

This tool reports a vehicle's historical details including speed, direction, status of sensors and outputs, and much more.

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Live Service Map

The Live Service Map layer displays current route service status for fleets assigned to specific route schedules, such as waste pickup, snow removal, street salting, sweeping, or route patrol. A real-time display colour codes roads according to how recently a service vehicle passed through.

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