Carrier Administration

In Carrier Administration, specify various default values and settings for your drivers using Driver Center,

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Alerts Dashboard

The Alerts Dashboard summarizes Alerts triggered within the last 48 hours. It's a great way to monitor, manage, and acknowledge fleet exceptions.

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Equipment and Driver-triggered (Telemetry) Alerts

Equipment and driver-triggered alerts apply to vehicle subsystem status changes such as a door opening, plow arm going up, or a reefer failing, as well as switches like panic alarms or pothole reports.

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Movement Alerts

Movement Alerts trigger notifications based on vehicle speeding, idling, or stop times.


Preference settings determine the default time frame and vehicles selected for analyses, and which part of WFC displays when you log in.

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Use alerts to monitor various fleet conditions. Alerts can also be configured to send an email when triggered.

Vehicle Service Groups

Use Vehicle Service Groups to monitor and analyze performance on scheduled routes by type of service, such as waste pickup, snow removal, street salting, sweeping, or route patrol.

User Administration

With User Administration, you can edit your Webtech Fleet Center password, change the unit of measurement, and enter user profile information like your name and email address.