Carrier Administration

In Carrier Administration, specify various default values and settings for your drivers using Driver Center,

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Supported Spreader Controllers in FC

Supported Spreader Controllers in Fleet Center Here's a list of spreader controllers that are officially supported in Fleet Center. Accu-Cast AC5000 AC7000 AC7500 Bosch Rexroth CS 230 CS 440 CS 530 CS 550 Certified Power Solutions * Freedom XDS Freedom ACS Freedom MDC Freedom 2 GL400 Cirus SpreadSmart

Configuring Wi-Fi in Webtech Driver Center

Configuring Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connects your device (MDT3500/3200 or Android Tablet) to a WT10X locator. Without a Wi-Fi connection, you will not be able to automatically track driving and on-duty hours, send or receive important messages, or submit vehicle inspection reports to Dispatch. Requirements You'll need to have Webtech Driver Center

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Landmarks are a great way to track fleet arrivals and departures from customer sites as well as verify how much time was spent at each site.

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State/Province Mileage Report

For customers provisioned with our long haul trucking and heavy duty construction solutions who operate across state or provincial boundaries, this report provides the distance traveled and time spent within each jurisdiction, by state/province and by vehicle.

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Stop History Advanced Report

This report provides the location and timing of vehicle stops and periods of idling, as well as the duration of travel and distance between stops.

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Alerts Dashboard

The Alerts Dashboard summarizes Alerts triggered within the last 48 hours. It's a great way to monitor, manage, and acknowledge fleet exceptions.

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Equipment and Driver-triggered (Telemetry) Alerts

Equipment and driver-triggered alerts apply to vehicle subsystem status changes such as a door opening, plow arm going up, or a reefer failing, as well as switches like panic alarms or pothole reports.

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Movement Alerts

Movement Alerts trigger notifications based on vehicle speeding, idling, or stop times.