Event-Based Trip Colors Admin

Event-Based Trip Colors Admin In Event-Based Trip Colors Admin, you can configure the different colors and trigger conditions that are used when viewing event-based connecting lines on the Mapping screen. These connecting lines are shown on the map when using the History or Search Vehicle History tools. This powerful feature allows you to,

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User Preferences

You can set various user preferences in Sentinel FM to help you save time and have a familiar work environment every time you log in. You can set your time zone, units of measurement, your default fleet, and more.

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SFM 6.08

This release includes a new column on the HOS dashboard, landmark names being displayed in scheduled reports, and various bug fixes and UI improvements.

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FC 2.7

This release includes improvements to the Posted Speed Limit and Stop History reports, connecting lines for multiple vehicles' breadcrumbs, and several improvements to data integrity, particularly distance data.

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