BSM Mobile Updates – May 2018

These updates for the Android and iOS versions of the app include a new and improved workflow for reviewing unidentified driving events, a reduction in app data usage, a visual warning for unidentified driving, and various bug fixes.

  • We’ve introduced a new and improved workflow for reviewing and accepting/rejecting unidentified driving events. Similar events are now grouped into driving legs, meaning drivers no longer have to individually accept/reject dozens of individual events. Sample screenshots are pictured to the right:
  • App data consumption has been reduced. This will help reduce or eliminate data overage charges.
  • A visual warning is displayed if the vehicle moves while no driver is logged in. This should reduce instances of unidentified driving.
  • Various crash fixes
  • Remaining driving time is now properly displayed on the lock screen while in Yard Moves or Personal Conveyance modes
  • Fixed inaccuracies with Start/End Odometer and Total Distance
  • The device will no longer be locked after disabling Wi-Fi
  • The device will now reconnect to the locator Wi-Fi when moving out of range and then back into range
  • Various crash fixes
  • Changing the selected Duty Cycle in Driver Profile will now be reflected on the current day’s logsheet
  • Remaining driving time is now correctly updated every minute