Breadcrumb Trails and Connecting Lines

Breadcrumb Trails map the routes that your vehicles take as they travel, and provide easy access to status information without having to look through the list of events in the Vehicle Status panel.

Connecting Lines are lines that connect breadcrumb trails to help you visualize your vehicle routes. If your fleet has telemetry data, such as plow up/down or lights on/off, you can configure connecting lines to be color-coded based on telemetry values. For example, you can make it so that a vehicle’s lines appear green if its plow is down and red if its plow is up.

Each breadcrumb is a colored dot plotted on the map that represents a snapshot of data transmitted from that location. The data in each breadcrumb is highly customizable, and can show you a variety of information, such as the time the data was sent, the vehicle’s speed and direction, location coordinates, equipment status (for example, Winter Operations information such as plow up/down, spread type, and material amount), and so on.

Breadcrumb trails appear when you do any of the following:

  • Enable Auto Refresh and Breadcrumb Trails when viewing the map
  • Search a single vehicle’s History
  • Search an area using the Geo Filter tool

  • Enabling the Auto Refresh and Breadcrumb Trails options on your map will show a new breadcrumb for each vehicle every time your map automatically refreshes. This frequency is based on your particular deployment, and is usually between 10 seconds and 2 minutes.
  • Run a History search on a single vehicle from its Vehicle Balloon.
  • Use the Geo Filter tool to search a rectangular area. Note that this may give you hundreds of breadcrumbs. If you have too many results, you can narrow your search in the Time & Resources panel by searching a shorter period of time, or by searching only for specific vehicles.
  • Once you have breadcrumbs on your map, you can then enable and disable Connecting Lines in the Options menu.
  • For fleets with telemetry data that have the option enabled, the Vehicle-Based and Event-Based sub-options will be available, as well as a Color Legend that toggles a window showing what each color means.