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Landmarks are a great way to track fleet arrivals and departures from customer sites as well as verify how much time was spent at each site.

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WFC 2.4

This release includes improved access to real-time vehicle data feeds from the WFC map and via the Webtech Connector Software Development Kit, as well as user interface and system performance enhancements.

WFC 2.3

This release includes immediate notification for critical safety, security, and fleet equipment issues, an enhanced workflow for displaying historical queries and accessing operational data, and upgrades to system performance.

Technical Documents

This information is for developers and system architects responsible for managing your data and integrating Webtech Wireless software products with other applications.

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Field Service Bulletins

Important hardware related updates for technicians and installers.

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Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guides are short documents on specific tasks.

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Install Guides

Learn how to install our entire suite of hardware products including the WT10X locator, the MDT3500, temperature probes, sensors and more!

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User Guides

Learn how to use different Webtech products like Webtech Fleet Center (WFC), Webtech Driver Center (WDC), Webtech 511 and more! Our most recent User Guides:

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WFC 2.0

This release includes Advanced Report scheduling, the Webtech Connector SDK (Software Development Kit), controller alerts, and various user interface enhancements.

WDC 5.8

This release includes support for short haul rules as well as improvements to system stability and usability.

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