All Sentinel FM Administration Tutorials

Creating a Landmark

Landmarks are geographic areas, stored in the Sentinel FM database, that can trigger actions based on when your vehicles enter or exit a landmark.

Deactivating a User

Administrators can deactivate any user profile in the system to prevent that user from accessing your Sentinel FM portal. A typical use case for this is when a user is no longer employed by your organization.

Sentinel Drive Supported Devices

A list of devices and operating systems that are officially supported in Sentinel Drive.

Creating and Scheduling a Report

You can run a variety of reports in Sentinel FM, which can help you make better decisions and address issues quickly and efficiently. Reports can be scheduled to run at regular intervals, and can also be sent to an email address.

Creating a Driver Profile

You can create driver profiles to monitor which driver is using which vehicle in your fleet.

Creating a Hierarchy

You can create hierarchies in Sentinel FM that correspond to existing cost center structures. You can then assign vehicles in your fleet to these cost centers, give users access to different cost centers, run cost center-based reports, and more.

Assigning Vehicles to a Fleet

Organize your vehicles by adding them to fleets you have created in the Administration section of Sentinel FM.

Creating a Fleet

Create new fleets in the Administration section of Sentinel FM. You can use fleets to run reports, view groups of vehicles on the map, and to organize geographically dispersed vehicles.

Changing your Password

You can change your Sentinel FM account password at any time.

User Preferences

You can set various user preferences in Sentinel FM to help you save time and have a familiar work environment every time you log in. You can set your time zone, units of measurement, your default fleet, and more.

Creating a New User

Create new user profiles in the Administration section of Sentinel FM. Individuals in your organization can then use these profiles to access the Sentinel FM platform.